Garden Lawn Care and Border Services


There is nothing like a beautifully managed flower border to not only bring joy to you and your visitors but add value to your property. Careful choice of planting type and colour is very important therefore autumn planning and research will pay dividends in the summer.

Our knowledge of plants, soil types, low and high maintenance, watering regimes, pollinators, garden friendly borders will make your garden a better place to be.

hosta planting in a border

Lawn care and maintenance

Your lawn can be the centre piece of your garden frame working the borders, shrubs and ornaments. It’s where the eye focuses first therefore demands regular and at times specialist care.

Keeping your lawn weed and moss free is a mixture of cutting, scarifying, weeding and sympathetic planting. Some areas of grass may require hardier grass seeds especially near heavy use or shaded areas.

Drainage may also be an issue and don’t forget the good work sympathetic animals can do for you 24/7.

Fairview Gardens can help you keep your green space in tiptop condition throughout the calendar.