Vermin control

Look out for vermin in your garden as the days become colder. It’s at this time of the year that rats and mice start to come in from their summer habitat to snuggle up somewhere over winter.

We’ve found compost heaps to be a favorite haunt – warm, dry and most importantly full of food! Keep turning them over and keep a look out for runs, droppings, disturbed vegetation before they damage your garden plants!

Dover DC offer pest control services plus we have some very good contacts for this sensitive process

Dover DC charges (correct as of Sept 16)

  • Rats:   £49 per treatment (usually 3 visits)
  • Mice:   £49 per treatment  (usually 3 visits)
  • Fleas & cockroaches:   £80 per treatment  (2 visits), Minimum charge (up to 6 rooms)
  • Ants: £45 per treatment (2 visits)
  • Bedbugs:   £135 per treatment (3 visits), Minimum charge (up to 6 rooms)
  • Wasps & Hornets:   £47 for first nest, £15 per additional nest
    Only available where the nest can be treated without specialist access equipment (up to 8m)
  • Out of hours rate:   £45 per visit in addition to the rates above
  • Industrial/Commercial:   £33 per hour + materials

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