The November Kentish Garden

If you are worried that it’s too late to plant spring flowering bulbs don’t worry!  If you are quick get the daffodils, hyacinth, crocus and other spring flowering bulbs in now, tulips are even more forgiving and can be planted into December. Other spring bedding like primulas, pansies and forget me nots can be planted out at any time. Heathers, cyclamen and ivy look particularly nice in pots and heuchera’s are stunning with their vibrant colours.

Order bare rooted roses as they can be planted from now into spring, you need to order quickly as stocks of popular roses usually run out quite quickly.

Herbaceous perennials can be cut back as the foliage starts to yellow and die and if you have a particularly large clump they can be divided and planted elsewhere to maintain vigour or even swopped with other gardening friends.

Although it’s good to be tidy in the garden why not leave the leaves that fall on bare soil as they will enrich the soil, that said you still need to remove the leaves from the grass.