March in the East Kent Garden

It might not seem like it but things are warming up in the gardens in Deal and Sandwich Kent. Even the frogs have realised that summer is on its way and covered the pods with frogspawn. In the gardens that I care for its surprisingly busy as this is the time of year getting those pesky weeds under control either by hoeing or pulling by hand will make the garden nice and tidy. As the snowdrop flowers start to fade now is the time to split them whilst the leaves are still green – they will establish much better if planted green. Now is also the time to plant out summer flowering bulbs.

Bush and climbing roses should be pruned, it should be done by the end of the month, if delayed any longer you will have a longer wait for flowers. Perennials need a bit of attention now – any new shoots need protection from slugs and if a clump has become overgrown divide them and give them a new lease of life. I personally don’t touch Cornus yet as I like to make use of the coloured stems but they will need to be done as you won’t get a colourful display next winter